Top 5 Video Marketing Benefits For Marketers in 2019

by Kamal Jalwania Oct 08, 2018

Videos- The Action Ignitors

Show, grab, acquire and retain forever. These 4 words are enough to highlight the growing dependence of Video marketing in the world. Today, videos have become the no.1 tool for marketers to attract the attention of their audience and get them hooked forever. In theoretical terms, video marketing is a strategic approach that is basically involved in creating & delivering video content to attract, retain and convert a set of viewers and retain them forever.


Video marketing has evolved by leaps and bounds and has become the top choice for marketers to spread maximum content in such a way that it attracts, engages, and retains visitors for lifetime basis. In layman terms, video marketing is basically the effective usage of video content to achieve business goals in a strategically defined manner.


The best way to maximise results with your video marketing content is to provide users with engaging and attention-grabbing content that facilitates mutual benefits of brand-building & attaining organizational goals. Videos can be used for a variety of purposes- Promoting your brand, showcasing your behind-the-scenes, highlighting your product usage, providing training to employees and much more. 

If you’re also feeling lured into the various benefits that video marketing holds for your business, read below as we dive deep down into its benefits-


1.    Videos Drive Higher Conversions & ROI- 

As per trusted industry figures, more than 80% marketers state that video marketing is their preferred choice for getting higher return on investment. With the advent in various video marketing & editing tools, it has become increasingly affordable for marketers to reach out easily to widely scattered audience. Along with that, its’ also important to know that most of the top brands today have strong video marketing content that resonates well within their targeted audience and matches easily with their objectives.


2.    Videos Are Easily Accessible-

More than 85% of viewers watch videos from their mobiles. 
Today, there are tons of video marketing platforms that ensure users can tap into engaging content whenever and wherever they need. Also, the increasing usage of smartphones among viewers ensures that most of the quality content gets transmitted through within a matter of few seconds. Whether you have a specialized skill, or you need to get a higher fan base for your brand, all you need to do is just record a video, upload it on various platforms, and you’re on the way to success. And the best part is, getting all these benefits doesn’t cost you a fortune. It’s the best way to get top results in a cost-effective manner. 


3.    Videos Boost Search Engine Rankings-

It’s a well-known fact that videos are the best way to boost up your search engine rankings. The simple reason for this is videos are loved by search engines, and the higher your videos rank, the easier it will be for your brand to get easily discovered, and ultimately, you can see an instant boost in your search engine rankings.


4.    Videos Build Trust & Confidence-

Trust is the most important criteria for getting in the minds of your customers that ultimately boosts sales and conversions. And how does video marketing help this cause? It’s very simple and easy folks- Videos are the proven engagement & attention ignitors as the more and more videos your viewers will watch, more and more they feel connected to, and ultimately, they develop a positive sense of trust and confidence in your brand.


5.    Videos Explain More In Short Time Span-


1 minute of video equates to 1.8 Million words. So, videos are not only the best way to learn, they’re also very easy to understand and strike the right chord with your audience. Today, videos have become the best way to target most of your audience, and even force them to take the desired action, whatever it may be.




It’s well explained with the above-mentioned points that video marketing has grown by leaps and bounds, and marketers are using it in any way possible to get best results without falling prey to various hit-and-trial methods. So, if you’re also amongst the countless ones who’re still confused how to go about with the right marketing strategy, pull up your socks and get ready- Videos are right there for you, just use them and see results like you always wanted. 


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