6 Steps to Plan Your Successful Video Marketing Strategy

by Romit Sharma Oct 18, 2018

Video marketing is now becoming a powerful marketing strategy for businesses. Marketers already know about the benefits of video marketing and how this can be helpful to grow their business. Whether it is a small business or a start-up, you need to consider a full proof video marketing strategy to ensure growth.


A research by Cisco reveals that videos will consume 82% of the global consumer internet traffic by 2021. People are now spending more than 1 billion hours each day by watching videos on the internet. You just require a strategy to grab few seconds of this watch time for a video of your business.


Moreover, if your landing page has a video, it can increase your conversion by 800%!


Yes, this is the power of video marketing.


While videos have so much to do, you should use right tactics to make them work for you. You need to find and follow best practices for planning a successful video marketing strategy. Below we’re sharing 6 best steps to ensure success of your video marketing campaign.


How to Plan a Great Video Marketing Strategy:


1) Determine Your Audience


Determine Audience


First step in any video marketing plan is to determine who your audience are and where they consume video content. Check your existing customer base and try to profile them by their interest, where they spend time online and what are their behaviors.


Deciding your target audience help you plan more personized video script that communicates with viewers and answers their queries. Do some research about your industry trends and customer interests, this will help you to reach more new customers and know about them.


You can also look out at your competitor's video content to get an idea of their following and what type of videos their customers are engaging with.


2) Plan Video Content


Prepare Video Content


Now the important part of your strategy has come - this is planning and creating a video script that works. Just like any blog post content, video content is also an important aspect to keep your audience engaged and make them watch your videos from start to end.


Because it’s a video content, try to keep it brief and focus on your main message. Do not forget to put relevancy and uniqueness.


Before start shooting video, you need to do the entire planning and keep your content ready to use. If you’re planning to shoot a series of videos, then break your content in parts and write it considering the whole scenario.


3) Make Great Video


Make Videos


Now as you have your content ready, it’s time to start shooting and creating video. Videos that tell a story performs far better than non-story videos, hence try to make a storytelling video that’ll send your message to viewers in a perfect way.


Short videos make higher engagement than longer ones, you’ll lose around 1/3 viewers by 30 seconds, 45% viewers by 1 minute and 60% viewers by 2 minutes. That’s why it is better to make videos less than or up to 2 minutes for getting better engagement.


You should know that an expensive camera doesn’t make a video great, it’s the content and creativity which do the work. You can shoot using any camera with proper lighting and an external mic for quality audio.


4) Optimize Video for All


Edit and Optimize Video


So now you have created the video, but the work is not done here. After creating a video, you need to do some editing & optimization work over it to get the most out of it. With the fact that traffic from mobile devices is increasing, ensure that video is perfectly visible & optimized for all type of devices.


Create catchy titles and informative description for your video to engage users, use keywords to improve your SEO that can help you get some organic traffic too. You might also consider preparing captions in multiple languages as per your target countries.


Do prepare several titles & descriptions for different platforms where you’re going to upload video, also try to use custom creative thumbnails for better engagement.


5) Upload Video & Run Campaign


Publish Video


Finally, this is the time to publish your video, start campaign and show it to world! For success of your video marketing campaign, your strategy should not depend on any single platform, instead you must use the power of all platforms.


Upload & promote your video on all popular platforms with the perfect captions and thumbnails. Include your CTAs over videos to drive traffic on landing page. Many platforms provide different options to use cards and CTA’s over videos, you can take advantage of them.


Send video to your subscribers, share the link with your followers across all channels and ask them to share it, this will help you to spread the campaign and get some more exposure.


6) Analyze Metrics & Improve


Analyze Metrics


Your work does not end just after uploading the video, you need to keep an eye on video performance regularly and do the requisite to make your strategy successful. You can use analytics tools to know the metrics of your video engagement, watch time, traffic sources etc.


Ensure to track the video reach, clicks and sales for your campaigns then analyze the overall performance. You can A/B test with different elements on your video to check what delivers the best engagement and maximum ROI.


Pay attention to the metrics, learn from it and improve the things before you start creating your next video. Learning from the analysis will surely help you improve the performance by the time.


Now it’s Your Turn


I hope you got the idea on how you can plan a video marketing strategy and how to make it successful using right tactics. Video marketing could be a challenging task but it’s more effective than any other technique and it is the future of marketing.


New technologies are changing the level of marketing, it’s our duty to educate our self and provide real value to audience which will help us to bring more customers and grow fast.


Now share this article on your social profiles to let other people know about video marketing tips and drop us a comment below, we want to know your thoughts.



Romit Sharma

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