11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Landing Page Design

by Romit Sharma Oct 08, 2018

In digital marketing, landing page is the entry point for your customers where you want to make your first impression. For any business, landing page is the point where they convert visitors into customers and generate leads. With this importance, design of a landing page becomes a most important thing which you cannot overlook.


A well-designed landing page can help businesses to increase their conversions exponentially which ultimately helps to generate more revenue and more growth.


But creating a perfect landing page is not a task of minutes, like any other marketing technique you need to give a hard time deciding your needs as per customer behavior. Considering all points, we are sharing top ways to help you revamp your landing page design easily.


  1. Remove Clutter & Be Specific


Declutter Landing Page


Every landing page design has one main purpose; it is getting people to act by clicking on CTA button or by filling up the form. That’s why if your landing page is focused on a topic, it does not distract visitors and you have better chances to achieve your purpose.


You should stop using a cluttered layout which might be befuddling visitors, think about using a simple and clean visual design that attract users and allow them to react.


Remember, short landing pages get more leads than longer pages. You can remove generic content from the page to make it more specific and appealing.


  1. Use New Multi-Step Forms


Use Interactive Forms


While designing landing pages, forms should be managed to work out more. You must start using new interactive and multi-step forms because people love them!


Multi-step forms shown to be outperformed single-step forms and we all know that people became lazy when they see a long form to be filled out. Thus, it would be a good idea to place a multi-step form with an interactive layout which looks cool to users and reduce typing.


You might also consider using a progress indicator with these forms, this sometimes psychologically appeal users to complete the form.


  1. Use Forms Behind the CTA Button


CTA Buttons


This way can be useful in case you don’t want to interrupt the flow of your landing page by using the forms between sections. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to show forms to users as soon as they landed on your page, this way saves you at that time.


Placing forms behind your CTAs is also a speedy way to convert those users who actually want to go ahead. But you should identify the important sections of your landing page from where you want to convert users.


  1. Add Quality Visuals


Quality Visuals on Landing Page


Visuals are the best way to attract users and keep them engaged towards important sections of your page. A good landing page design template could be a mix of quality images, video and gifs.


Try to use unique visuals instead of free stock images. Sometimes using gifs could be a better idea to demonstrate things to users.


  1. Eliminate the Navigation


Yes, we know that navigation bar is an important section of a website, but this is not going to help with your landing page design. Purpose of a landing page is to focus on a single message and getting users to act, then why you want to distract them by showing navigation menu?


Navigation menu on your landing page can divert users from your main message and allow them to leave the page without doing any action! This decreases the overall conversion of a landing page.


What you can do is, you can allow users to go on your home page by putting a link to home page behind your logo.


  1. Create More Attention-Grabbing CTAs


Sticky CTA


Call-to-Action is most important thing on a landing page, then why you want to outshine them among other elements on the page? You should clear your priorities and rewrite your copy to enable more power of your CTA buttons and forms.


While designing your landing page, you must try out different colors for buttons and use more attention-grabbing keywords in both primary & secondary CTAs.


You could also consider using Sticky CTA button, this stays in a fixed position usually on the upper-right corner and does not affected by scroll hence keep remains in the view of user.


  1. Keep the Copy Focused & Consistent


Keep Copy Focused


If you design separate landing pages for different campaigns, make sure that main message of each campaign should be there in copy of each page. Sometimes it happens that we write on some extra topics which repulse the core message of a landing page and decreases the conversion.


In this case, you must keep your message consistent throughout and make sure that each of your page’s copy always focuses on main topic so that you can get desired conversion from the page.


  1. Show your Clients & Awards


This tip can add an extra layer of benefit especially for B2B brands. Showing logos of some of your big clients make visitors confident about your brand and influence them to go with you.


If you have won any awards and received any industrial certificates, you can also show them on your important landing pages as this ultimately add a plus point for you.


  1. Optimize for Good Speed


Optimize Page Speed


Speed is a crucial point to be taken care of while designing a landing page. Page speed is not only good for SEO point of view, it also helps in better user engagement. According to Google, your page should load in 2-3 seconds or less, longer loading time increases the bounce rate.


To improve your page loading speed, consider using compressed images as well as minified HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. You should use minimum plugins and enable caching for better results.


Choose the best landing page builder who provides optimized landing page templates so that you’ll have less work to do by yourself.


  1. Use Only Exit-Intent Popups


Use Exit-Intent Popups


Using popups could be a part of your marketing strategy but you should avoid using excessive of them on your landing page. Using popups and other widgets on landing page create interruption, and this irritates visitors if shown as soon as they land on your page.


If you really want to use popups, go for exit-intent popups. Exit-intent popup doesn’t come in the way of your message and the user as well as it gives you another chance to convert the user before they leave.


  1. Show Additional Info about You


We design a landing page to convert users and generate leads, but you won’t be successful each time because some users convert but most of them not. Taking note to this, you should consider about lead nurturing.


You should provide additional information about your business on the landing page as sometimes visitors come but just not ready to convert at that time. Providing access to more information allow users to follow you and connect in future.


Be a Better Landing Pages Designer


Now it’s your turn to find out the mistakes on your existing lead pages and use these best techniques to improve the overall experience of your page. We hope you have got more landing page design inspiration from this article and will surely achieve better results. Share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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