Push Notifications: What Marketers Need to Learn?

by Romit Sharma Oct 12, 2018

Using push notifications is becoming a trending technique in the online marketing world. Most of us are aware that push notifications are those messages that are pushed on a user’s device including but not limited to desktop, mobile phone and smartwatch. Marketers use push notifications to keep users engaged by providing prompt messaging.


Web or app publishers regularly send push notifications on customer’s devices to target them based on their interests or behaviors. They want to boost overall engagement of their apps or products and that is where the push notifications play a big role in the growth of a business.


How Marketers Can Leverage Push Notifications Effectively?


We all know the fact that push notifications are the most powerful and cost-effective form of customer engagement. They are faster than emails, can drive more traffic and help increase both web & app engagement.


If used correctly, this technique can aid businesses gain more customers & more leads hence generating more revenue to jump up in the market. But marketers must know the fact that use of this tactic should be done in a right manner to ensure the effectiveness of any push notification campaign.


Therefore, we’re sharing few important points marketers should obey while using push notifications in their marketing strategy:


A. Know Your Audience:


KNow your Audience


Personalized notifications get more clicks and better engagement. Try to understand your subscribers before start sending them notifications. You could consider asking users about their interests and preferences.


Do the segmentation of users on different parameters and customize your messages for each segment before sending to them.


B. Define the Objective:


Decide Objective


You should first make your goals, outline them and define the objective you are trying to achieve with the push notification campaign. In this way, you can find out the desired actions you need to perform to achieve your goals. This will help you planning and performing actions step by step for a campaign.


C. Develop Relevancy:




Relevancy is the key. While writing your notification message, make sure to keep it as much relevant to the topic as per your customers need. You might consider removing extra text and try to keep your message concise.


Consider crafting catchy titles & compelling messages that communicate with readers and induce them to act.


D. Know Right Time to Send:


Right time to send


Find out the best time to send notifications as per the time zone of your customers. Also, understand the behavior of user and use the apt time to get higher engagement with your push notifications. You can also ask your users about preferred time they like to receive notifications.


It’s a good practice to send one to three notifications in a day, you would not want to overload your users with continues notifications.


E. Offer Flexible Opt-In & Opt-Out:


Flexible Optin Optout


Push notifications always require permission of users before you can start notifying them, that means Opt-in works as a vital point for your new visitors. You can experiment with the timing of showing Opt-in message to visitors to find better results.


Similar to Opt-in, you should make sure that it isn’t difficult for users to Opt-out if they no more want to receive notifications or give them option to decrease the frequency of notifications.


F. Make it Valuable:


Make Valuable


To make your push notification campaign successful, you need to care users and offer them value through what you’re showing to them.


Users expect something of gratuity when they click on your notification, it’s your task to provide them real value by offering something special such as early access deals, real time breaking news, free rewards etc.


When users get real value, it’s worth their time and yours too!


G. Give Control to Users:


Give Control


Let users decide what type of notifications they want to receive, sometimes it looks difficult, but you can implement it with right approach and keeping your priorities in mind. You can categorize your notifications and give option to users for choosing the categories they are interested in.


When users get notifications of their interest then they check it which ultimately increases the overall engagement. Make sure your copy is not generic, modify it as per the category defined to get better results.


Final Thoughts


As a creative marketer, you should learn and implement right tactics for your push notification marketing campaign. It requires time and efforts to make any campaign successful but knowing your objective and following the points discussed above you can accomplish your goals easily.


Push notifications are excellent way to improve engagement and increase sales of your products. Just do this in right way, avoid repetition, be relevant and helpful, analyze and improve performance on regular basis, and then see how users will engage with your notifications.


What are your thoughts on this article? Comment below and also share this article with your marketing friends on social media. Let’s spread the knowledge!



Romit Sharma

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