Why marketing automation is the need of the hour for all marketers?

by Mandeep Sahni Oct 09, 2018

Marketing, the art of promoting your products and services to prospects. Marketing itself is the center point which involves a hundred odd tasks that need to be taken care of all together.

Marketers are tied down to look after not only just one single department but simultaneously stretch attention to multiple departments, all heading towards providing a unique customer experience every time.

And automating these redundant tasks would be a relief for many of you. 


Not only this, but as the internet savvy cutomer has numerous ways to reach you, be it email, social, webiste, Google seraches, you as marketer need to craft moni-channel strategies that employ automation tools effectively and help give the customer the same brand exposure, and conveys a single message across different channels.

Traditional methods of automating marketing efforts resulted with slower ROI and were ineffective as they focused on just automating a single spike of the wheel.

Let’s face it,

Organizations that have executed customer centered strategies have experienced way more higher returns in terms of ROI, delighted customers and gained over customer loyalty and trust. 

And the ones which missed the spot had to try their hands on something new just to acquire few prospects and convert them into buyers.


Automating marketing tasks would not only make marketers stay longer in the business but also give them the opportunity to be there with unique offerings every time during the customer journey.


How marketing automation helps businesses scale higher?


How marketing automation help businesses


Marketers get confused that automating their marketing efforts would get them leads faster and increase their conversions

Let me correct this Myth.


Automating your marketing efforts across varied channels like, email, mobile, social, and web, should have one common aim of influencing a buyer’s decision at every stage of the journey.

Generating fresh content that directs, communicates and informs prospects or customers about your product/ service offerings that serve the solution to their needs and problems.

This would not only cement the gate for trust but also persuade the user to have repeated purchases.

By employing marketing automation tools, you not only can analyze a customer’s needs but also get their behavioral data which is crucial in understanding what they expect at any given point of the journey from you.

You need to understand the basics before you employ these tactics. 

It’s essential…

As, the receiver which are our valuable prospects and customers are real-humans and that’s the fact you need to understand while crafting your marketing campaigns.

Stop treating them as only numeric values ignoring the fact that they chose you among others as they felt your services would suffice their needs. They expect brands to treat them as humans and your job being a marketer would be to deliver things right before they even realize the need.

And marketers who have mastered this art of moving ahead considering their buyers needs are the ones; who have created brand advocates for their businesses for lifetime.

Sharing few important tips to help you leverage the most by automating your business's marketing process. 


1)    Take care that personalization not only fuels the engagement levels but motivates the user to Buy. And if you think that just by personalizing their first name in emails would get your user’s attention, then stop investing hours. 

As, no good would work out. Dig out what your customers are looking for. Draft in your email campaigns that give personalized and unique offers after you have cautiously analyzed their past site behaviour.


2)    Don’t sideline content marketing for your business. Fresh content is what acts as the binding agent. Interact with your target audience. 


3)    Marketing automation has turned down the traditional approach of hitting all target audiences with the same stuff. Create different campaigns for different segments.  


4)    Design funnels with a step-by-step approach. Educate the users about your brand and product and what unique you are offering. Make sure you get the user completely confident that your offering would definitely meet his needs.


5)    While automating your emails, take precautions that you don’t have your emails delivered in Spam category. To avoid such mishaps, ensure you keep your lists clean.


6)    Take double benefit of the user data generated through the automation tools you have employed. While any of the prospects interacts or acts in your funnels you would have alerts and notifications stating how the customer is moving down in the funnel. 

This would make you capable of altering your camapigns as per the user demands.


Let’s sum it up quickly.

Marketing automation undoubtedly simplifies the mundane tasks of sending emails and recording customer information manually. Also, it helps you nurture your leads right from the acquisition stage to the consideration & purchase stage.

Don’t just expect to have an overnight increase in your conversions and profits. You need to align your strategies accordingly. 

We expect that you would have gained the basic know-how to begin with marketing automation for your small business or start-ups.


If you have any ideas that can help benefit the community, then do share them out in the below comment section.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this info piece. Share it with your friends and fellow marketers. 


Mandeep Sahni

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Said :

October 11, 2018 at 11:58 AM

Nice and well researched information...


Mandeep Sahni Said :

October 11, 2018 at 2:55 PM

Appreciate your feedback.

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