9 Killer Lead Generation Ideas for Small Business

by Romit Sharma Oct 08, 2018

From accessing capital to generating sustainable revenue, small businesses deal with the number of challenges in their journey of establishment. Growth of any B2B small business requires rapid lead generation which helps grow the business by solving the issues.


Business lead generation is a procedure of using right tactics to find out prospective and turn them into customers. In today’s post, we’re sharing few great small business lead generation ideas, you may know some of them but others will surely help you to achieve better results in your lead generation campaigns.


Start Content Marketing


Start Content Marketing


  • Content marketing is a form of inbound lead generation, it can be done in many ways like creating articles, infographics or any other useful content.
  • Writing content which is educational and accomplishes the need of visitor should be your first priority in content marketing. This way you generate more subscribers means more opportunity for leads.
  • Blogging is a great way to attract more visitors to your site, regular blogging helps in good SEO which increases visits from search engines.
  • Provide useful content to keep subscribers and visitors engaged on your site and it gives you more chances to present yourself.


Use Social Media


Social Media


  • Do not forget the power of social media, using this platform in a right way gives you more opportunities for branding and networking.
  • Make your strong presence on all popular social sites and start sharing regular updates about your business or brand. This makes followers believe you are active and care about them.
  • Optimize your profiles on all social sites by using a perfect profile picture, headline and strong description of your small business. Drop the website link for people to visit your site.
  • Ask your peers and current clients to leave a recommendation for your business on social profiles.


Make Videos


Make Videos


  • Video content is most popular among marketers and video marketing is the future. Videos generate more engagement and that’s why everyone needs it.
  • By creating and sharing quality video content, businesses can attract more leads and acquire more customers.
  • You can start with creating your business introduction videos and product videos. You can also ask clients about making a feedback video with them.


Create Useful Resources


Free Ebook Resources


  • Creating useful resources and providing it free of cost is a popular technique you can use to collect information of prospective leads.
  • Create any relevant resource which your visitors want to have, it can be something like a spreadsheet, an e-book, a research content or a template.
  • When users like any resource they share it with others and you get more chance to attract a lead. Ask for email or any other relevant information to provide these free resources.


Do Giveaways


Do Giveaways


  • Organizing a giveaway or contest is one of the most successful ways to generate leads. However, this should be done in a right way to avoid unsolicited or spam leads.
  • Do a giveaway of something which is in relation to your business and people love to have it. For example, if you have education related business then you can giveaway an e-book.
  • This way users keep continues engagement with the site for future giveaways and you grow your email list by adding more emails.


Start Podcast




  • Podcasting is a way to gather your audience and target them to listen your content. This gives you chance to increase your brand awareness and make a deeper connection with your audience.
  • You must write a script people interested to listen and at the same time make it entertaining. Podcasting should be done from time to time on popular topics around your industry.
  • To generate leads, include your CTAs from the start of the podcast, be descriptive and show values to listeners. Answer their queries and ask them to take actions such as visiting your site.


Create Quiz


Marketing Quiz


  • Quiz is a creative and attractive way to engage visitors coming on your website. A quiz can be designed to ask few questions to visitors in return of telling something about them.
  • For example, if you have a travel business you can ask visitors a quiz about what type of traveler they are? Who doesn’t want to know this?
  • At the end of the quiz, you ask for their email to send out result of the quiz. This way gives you an important email and lead generation opportunity.


Opt for Marketing Automation


Use Marketing Automation


  • After prospect visited your site or given their information, you can start sending marketing emails to them but it requires an automation so that can do the email marketing or regular basis.
  • Marketing automation software does the most of your email marketing requisites and automates your whole process to save time and process leads in a better way.
  • Automation helps to manage email campaigns with the collaboration between sales & marketing, this ultimately helps to secure the leads for the organization.


Leverage LinkedIn


Use LinkedIn


  • LinkedIn is a place to connect with professionals, share values and generate new business opportunities. It is a powerful platform to build network and expand your business globally.
  • Apart from optimizing your business’s LinkedIn profile, you should leverage its other benefits like sharing organic content and building audience network.
  • You can use LinkedIn sales navigator to generate better leads. It’s a great tool for B2B sales professionals to target accurate leads in a more personalized manner.


Over to you


We hope you have found some interesting ideas for lead generation from this post. Now it's your turn to apply these techniques in a right way, analyze your performance and improve by time. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



Romit Sharma

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