Satisfied with your conversion rates? But the real journey begins Now!

by Mandeep Sahni Oct 08, 2018

Yep, unlike many marketers scaling online, they get satisfied observing decent numbers over conversion and sales metrics.

Indeed, any marketer would!

And who wouldn’t mind seeing such numbers on their digital screens.

But how far have you made your target audience felt as Humans and have given them that they even would have not thought of would be their need?

As most of you would be functioning as Swiss-knife for your businesses, dealing in multiple attention seeking activities, you wouldn’t have till date thought much on this. 

And it will surprise you that yes you have missed on gaining loyal customers that would have been your future brand advocates.

The science to this new age digital marketing syndrome is called web push notifications.

Yes, now you may be recalling one such info feed you didn’t bothered to read and find out the basics evolving with it.

For businesses to adopt new technologies is something like trying out the menu of a new restaurant opened up in your area. 

No matter how good they advertise their menu to be… but the first experience comes after you have tasted them!

Similarly, you would be elated on the success this notification syndrome would add to your business.

Let me make it simple, when you have thought that just by having a good bunch of customers would make you survive the whole of the life, then you are  highly mistaken my dear marketer.

Just think why any of your one-time business customer would!

Because you didn’t leave any scope for him to get back to you for repeated purchase.

And push notifications would be that essential ingredient your marketing strategy is missing till date.

Hope this made some sense…

I am sharing with you a small definition on what push notifications are.

According to SearchMobileComputing, Push notification, also called server push notification from a software application to a computing device without a specific request from the client.

Push notifications appear after you have initially gathered contact data from your customers.

But don’t get confused with prospects and customers here.


As, customers have already got engaged with your app be it across the mobile or web and sending them push notifications would be easy as they are already in sync with your product or service.

And a prospect would not bother gaining any information from your for your products or future product launch or any update information.

Bottom line: you need to treat your customers as the receivers for your pop-up notifications.


Now, sharing few vital tips that would help you design and deliver effective notifications. The ultimate aim you would be hitting here is to have an increase in your web engagements level.


1)    Avoid playing ‘blind’ here


No two customers have the same need, so it would be at high risk if you present them with the same push notifications.


You should clearly demarcate understanding user behavior that what would be their next search for.


And the answer to this lies with Personalization.


Yes, personalization with emails is something that has been profitable for businesses, be it B2B or B2C.


2)    Employ personalization at each level of your engagement strategy


Customers love customized product attributes, as this is something they enjoy most about your product or service offerings. 


With pop-up notifications you can explore and send your customers totally personalized messages, promos, offers and more stuff.


You can send users notifications based on their past browsing behavior with your site, or on some particular keywords they have been looking for while they landed at your site.


Even more, you can set up a campaign and show exclusive promo offers for customers belonging to a particular geographical area.


This way you would not have limits to scaling your business across countries and continents, but make sure your business is in compliance to the guidelines prevalent for doing business online.


3)    Target users who are at snooze 


Few customers come across your website, make purchase, and they are silent for longer periods of time. They become inactive.

And push notifications work extremely well in bringing them back to your site by presenting them lucrative offers that they find hard to escape!

Re-target them with the new features your product or service has build-up. Show them till date you have succeeded to gained so many happy customers and what mighty they have gained while using your services.

Make them feel the need to get back to your app and services.


4)    Info feeds works best with push notifications


Understand which users have a crave for reading fresh content posts, just share your fresh and useful content feeds with them.


But make sure you don’t have to flood everyone with these notifications.


Segment your audience by analyzing their behaviors and tastes.


5)    Avoid sending ‘Too Many’ and 'Too Frequent’ notifications


It’s good to be in touch with your customers but on a wise note you don’t need to explode their mobile phones and desktops with alerts every hour pushing them for your offers.


This would prove fatal for your business. So, have well defined intervals with your engagement strategy.




Digital age is turning streamingly fast with users attention span narrowing to 3-seconds. It’s all in there in these 3-seconds, that you have to be promising and trust worthy and be in line with your service standards, when you are repeatedly approaching your customers to be there continue with you in this journey called – Customer relationship.


Plan for notifications to be sent on 'trigger' with certain actions rather than sending all at one go and common for all.


With a hope that this piece of information would find a place in your next engagement strategy. 


We would love to hear your feedback on this. Share your thoughts on this in the below comment section.


Take care and keep visiting us for more exciting strategies on marketing automation, landing pages and funnels.



Mandeep Sahni

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