7 Best Email Marketing Techniques to Increase Conversions

by Romit Sharma Oct 09, 2018

When we are talking about the email marketing, most important thing which comes into mind is conversions. Email marketing is just not about collecting email address and sending emails regularly, it’s about open rates and conversion rates. There are several email marketing techniques should be followed by marketers in order to increase conversions and success rate.


With the growing competition among marketers to achieve perspective customers, there is something about relationship with customers and increasing their lifetime value. You should employ the strategies on your email list in the same way you interact with customers on other platforms. After all, it is all about sharing information, giving opportunities and building a relationship.


Increase Conversion using these Best Email Marketing Strategies:


Sharing 7 best email marketing tips & techniques below with a bonus tip at the end of the article. Keep reading and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the tips below.


1. Personalize Your Emails


Personalize Emails


Email personalization is the most important part of any email marketing campaign. Reports say only 5% of companies personalizing extensively while we know that personalization is the best way to convert people.


Even adding the name of recipient in the subject line of email increases the probability of open by 20%.


Using the name is not only a way to do personalization, you should also start collecting more information of users either from sign-up forms or you can ask after they have subscribed to your mailing list.


Using the right information of a user, you can personalize the whole context of your email as per your goals and this will surely improve the conversion.


2. Make it Responsive for All Devices


Make Responsive Emails


Few years back no one was worry about how their emails will look on a mobile or tablet device but now the situation has changed. According to a research, now 53% of emails are opened on a mobile device.


That’s huge!


And what if your email is not optimized to view perfectly on mobile?


That’s where responsive design comes into the play. If you opt for responsive design emails then no need to worry about how your email will be visible on different devices, it will look perfect when users will open it on mobile or any other device.


And guess what? This will increase the chance of getting more clicks on your CTA, of course.


3. Provide Free Gifts to Increase CTR


Free Stuff


Giving away free gifts increases the click through rates for any campaign out there. You can give anything like templates, e-books, exclusive articles / interviews, research, discount coupons etc.


Remember, it should be a useful stuff for your valuable subscribers.


You can also set up a landing page and organize an interesting contest or event, in this way you will not only add new subscribers to the list, but you can re-engage your old subscribers too.


Think what’s more – you can easily make some fresh leads in your way using this smart technique.


4. Filter Out Your Email List


Filter Emails


Ever wondered that few specific email contacts never open or engage with your emails?


This actually happens with majority of us. You could have few subscribers in your list who opted mistakenly or not opening email due to no more interest & lack of time. Sometimes this happens if you have purchased a list, though purchasing a list is not a good idea at all.


Email marketing is powerful only when you’re contacting people who actually want you.


Those inactive contacts decrease your conversion rates. All you need to do is filter list and remove those contacts. Make sure to try contacting those contacts one more time before removing them from your list, who knows if they want to continue?


5. Automate Campaigns & Create Follow Up Series


Email Automation


Automating email campaigns is really a good idea. A case-study by Marketingsherpa showed that by using automated series, an ecommerce store gets a 92% increase in their email revenue.


Creating a follow up series helps you to know more that what your customers think about your products or solutions you offer. In this way, not only you get valuable feedback but also you can offer them more relative products and solutions which they might like to use in future.


Automated follow up series ultimately helps you to increase email engagement and conversions. What’s big – this helps you to SELL More!


6. Segment Your Email Subscribers


Segment Email Subscribers


What if you subscribed for email marketing related emails but receiving video marketing related stuff?


This looks awkward and sometimes tend users to unsubscribe!


The better idea is to segment your email list as per user interests. You would not want to send discount offers to the customer who just purchased a premium package of your software. Instead, you want to send the offers to those who show an interest in buying your product.


Segmentation of your email list by different categories allows you to send more personalized mails to your subscribers as per their interest.


Sending your customers stuff they want makes sense and will surely increase the conversion rate.


7. Create Urgency for Fast Actions


Sale Offer Emails


Words like Hurry, Only few Lefts, Do Not Miss, Limited Time Offer etc creates an urgency like feeling in user’s mind and they do not want to miss it hence they take actions immediately.


It is similar to triggered emails, sending emails like this gets faster user attention thus higher open rates & click through rates. But you have to make sure do not overdo it otherwise this will look spammy and can produce negative effects.


Triggered emails or behavioral emails sent to segmented users based on their specific interests and actions. Ensure about sending emails on right time as per user’s location so that you can get right benefit.


The catch is that these type of emails have 152% higher open rates than traditional emails.


Bonus Tip: Insert an Image in the Body!


Inserting an image in your email effectively increases the conversion rate compared to a text only email. Use good and relative images in your email so that it looks perfect and engaging to user.


Remember to not overdo it, keep a ratio of 80:20 (80% Text & 20% Images) in your email. Use compressed images which loads fast and make sure your call to action situated above the fold.


So next time while creating your email, don’t forget to add visuals to it.


To Conclude


Email marketing is an effective and easy way to reach your customers and the best part is that email marketing is still better from any other form of online marketing. The challenge is to keep up the higher conversions and it is possible by using the right strategies.


We have shared few of the best techniques for better conversions from email marketing, share your thoughts with us in comments below or if you know any other technique, please let us know! 



Romit Sharma

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October 8, 2018 at 8:03 PM

Hey Team, Really helpful article Romit... Lets produce more top level content for marketers which help them to reach their goal.


Romit Sharma Said :

October 9, 2018 at 10:11 AM

Thanks for your valuable comment. We'll keep producing such helpful content.

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